The Many Deaths of Jean Grey & Phoenix

August 7, 2012 · Filed Under Just Jean, Rants 

I assume one day Jean Grey will return or maybe it will be Phoenix or the Phoenix Force or Dark Phoenix or some combination of those personalities. Why don’t they just rename Jean as Cybil and get it over with?

Anyway, I was interested in seeing some of the death scenes so a simple “Death of Jean Grey” search brought up the images of Jean’s demise. I thought I should share them with you as we await the return of Jean Grey once Marvel gets it right.

Which Jean Grey death is your favorite or worst? My favorite was on moon in Uncanny X-men 137. Classic sacrificial death scene for the betterment of the universe with tearful good-bye to Scott.

Here are the images I could find of Jean dying or getting killed. I’m sure there are more. Please submit if you find any:

Rest in Peace, Jean…until it is time to rise again.


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