Chris Claremont Speaks about Jean Grey's Return

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I just returned from a comic book convention in Philadelphia (2008) and had the privlege to hear Chris Claremont speak in a few panels. He was very friendly and talked openly about many subjects, including his work on the X-men and more specifically about Jean Grey.

Chris was asked a question by the panel moderator, “How did you feel about bringing back Jean Grey?”

He paused for a moment, tilted his head back and sighed a little. I knew exactly how he felt. Don’t get me wrong, I’m glad to have Jean in the Marvel universe and apparently she is back again if you have been reading the Marvel crossover series, “Secret Invasion“. But her death was poetic justice. She killed billions of people and had to die. The X-men fought for he and lost; she paid the ultimate price but did so willingly. To bring her back was to make everything before a wasted sacrifice. But I digress…

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Top Ten Quotes by Jean Grey

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Dark PhoenixTop 10 + 1 Quotes by Jean Grey

Jean is good at getting the last word in so it is easy to find quality quotes from her. But, it was hard limiting this to only the Top 10 quotes, which meant using most quotes from the Dark Phoenix Saga, since there were so many great ones. I just couldn’t limit it to only 10 so I added one for good measure. Would you add any additional quotes? Feel free to add a comment with new quote.

  1. “I am fire and life incarnate! Now and forever — I am Phoenix!”
    Phoenix, Uncanny X-men #101
  2. “If even one more person died at my hands…It’s better this way. Quick. Clean. Final. I love you, Scott. A part of me will always be with you.”
    Dark Phoenix, Uncanny X-men #137 Her final words other than “Scott!”.
  3. “I am what was, what is, what will be — the black angel, Chaos-Bringer!I AM POWER!”
    Dark Phoenix, Uncanny X-men #136
  4. “Finish me with your claws. I beg you. I don’t want to HURT YOU!!”
    Dark Phoenix, Uncanny X-men #136
  5. “I…hunger, Scott — for a joy, a rapture. Beyond all comprehension. That need is a part of me, too.”
    Dark Phoenix, Uncanny X-men #136
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Top Ten X-men Villains

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Thanks to Marvel for providing the basis for this list. For a full reading, please visit their page on this subject: X-men villains. Marvel classified Dark Phoenix as #4, but I moved her up to #2. I couldn’t delude myself into thinking she was their ultimate villain, I think everyone would agree that has been and always will be Magneto. But for pure power, emotion and the effect she had on the X-men I think Dark Phoenix deserves #2 status, no offense Marvel. I found a similar list of the top ten comic book villains at

First Appearance: X-MEN v2 #53 (1996)
The very concept of this character hinges on the enduring, enthralling and never boring relationship between Charles Xavier and Magneto. Onslaught is big, ambitious and the kind of threat worthy of an event.

First Appearance: NEW MUTANTS v1 #87 (1990)
What makes Stryfe such a great foe for the X-Men isn’t his cool powers or rad costume, it’s his very personal connection to several of their key members and the fact that so much of his hatred towards them feels quite justified.

First Appearance: X-MEN v1 #117 (1979)
The very first mutant menace Charles Xavier ever encountered—the Shadow King—was, as Professor X has said more than once, in many ways the reason the X-Men were formed.
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