Cyclops Point of View – Phoenix Art

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Wow, what a great piece of artwork showing a first person view from the perspective of Cyclops and Phoenix removes his ruby quartz glasses. Great idea and terrific execution. I would love to buy this print if anyone can find it.


Adam Hughes Phoenix

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Wow. Nice hair. Adam Hughes should definitely think about drawing the Jean Grey more often.

Phoenix Artwork by Todd Nauck

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Phoenix Artwork by Todd Nauck.

Todd Nauck is a well-known veteran of the comic book industry and works regularly for Marvel and DC Comics, with 15 years of credits including Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man, Amazing Spider-Man Family, Teen Titans Go, Young Justice as well as countless others. Earlier this year, Nauck created exclusive Super Bowl heroes on behalf of Marvel Comics featured in the ESPN Super Bowl Sunday Countdown show. He also writes and draws his creator-owned title, WildGuard, through Image Comics.

Black Queen by Adam Hughes Art

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Adam Hughes does an incredible job on this version of the Black Queen. If anyone has original AH! art of Jean Grey in any costume, please send it in.

Phoenix Artwork by Gazbot

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Stumbled across this artwork of Jean as Phoenix by Gazbot on Not often you seen Jean with a little meat on her bones. I like it, so here it is. What do you think?


Marvel Bishoujo – Phoenix & Dark Phoenix Statues

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Thanks to Mir Hite for this find.

I’ve been a big fan of Jean Grey and the X-Men for as long as I can remember. And I’m also a big fan of anime and Japanese culture. When I heard that Japanese figure making company ‘Kotobukiya’ was making a line that they called Marvel Bishoujo, I was really excited! They started off with Rogue, Black Widow, and Scarlet Witch… now, they’ve added not only Psylocke to their repertoire, but…

Jean Grey as the Phoenix! You can see more images and order from here.

And also as the Dark Phoenix! You can see more here and even pre-order.

They’re not Bowen Designs figures, but they’re definitely Jean, and they capture her rather nicely in both figures. The links that I provided have not only pictures, but you can also put in pre-orders for both versions–I definitely did!

Hope you enjoy these links!


Phoenix & Emma Frost Art

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Phoenix & Emma Frost Artwork by Eric "eBas" Basaldua

Beautiful, just beautiful. I don’t care for Emma Frost or the White Queen or whatever you call her character. She can’t hold a candle to Jean Grey’s character or hold a candle to the power of the Phoenix, but you have to appreciate this art by Eric “eBas” Basaldua. From the gallery of Jamie Kwong.

X-Men Origins: Jean Grey

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This is a great cover featuring Jean Grey as Marvel Girl. Just gorgeous…the cover, I mean. 😉

X-Men Origins: Jean Grey #1

X-Men Origins: Jean Grey #1

This review from Comixology, click here for the full review.

…expanding on her established background from a black-and-white story in Bizarre Adventures #27 that most current readers probably don’t even know exists. McKeever sticks to telling the story of Jean’s traumatic telepathic awakening, adding just a little extra to what we knew to provide a sense of resolution.

But the real reason to get this issue is the artwork. Mayhew’s cover is nice, but his interior artwork is also painted and is superior throughout. Not only does everything look wonderful, but his storytelling skills are more than up to the challenge of showing us all the things here that happen in Jean’s head without major action scenes to drive them.

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Top Ten Jean Grey Covers of all time

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10. X-men Forever # 3

Jean relives important key moments in her life while at the same time re-bonding with the Phoenix force. The cover depicts Jean in her Revolution era costume, which was extremely short lived and forgotten by most fans. Prior to this costume, Jean had been wearing her traditional green Phoenix costume and calling herself Phoenix.

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