Jean Grey Illustration in X-Factor Uniform by Kelly Ishikawa

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A friend of mine named Kelly Ishikawa is also one of my favorite artists. I met Kelly a few years ago and I have been really impressed with his ability to mimic styles and illustrate for multiple disciplines. Since this is a blog about Jean Grey I was very excited when I saw he had illustrated a very cute drawing of Jean in here X-Factor uniform. With his permission I am adding it this post.

Jean Grey by Kelly Ishikawa

And Kelly also drew Jean Grey in her red X-Factor uniform.

jean grey red x-factor uniform

I think I prefer the red costume over the green. But lovely illustrations either way.

You can see more of Kelly’s work on his deviant art page.


The Many Deaths of Jean Grey & Phoenix

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I assume one day Jean Grey will return or maybe it will be Phoenix or the Phoenix Force or Dark Phoenix or some combination of those personalities. Why don’t they just rename Jean as Cybil and get it over with?

Anyway, I was interested in seeing some of the death scenes so a simple “Death of Jean Grey” search brought up the images of Jean’s demise. I thought I should share them with you as we await the return of Jean Grey once Marvel gets it right.

Which Jean Grey death is your favorite or worst? My favorite was on moon in Uncanny X-men 137. Classic sacrificial death scene for the betterment of the universe with tearful good-bye to Scott.

Here are the images I could find of Jean dying or getting killed. I’m sure there are more. Please submit if you find any: [email protected]

Rest in Peace, Jean…until it is time to rise again.

24 Jean Grey / Phoenix Artwork Gallery Images

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24 Astonishing Jean Grey Artwork Collection is a presentation of some great and inspiring artwork featuring Jean Grey created by designers in tribute to one of the five original X-Men members. Let the inspiration get you as you browse through our cool compilation. Enjoy!!!

Jean Grey Colors

jean grey colors
By: ErikVonLehmann

X-Men Evolution Jean Grey

evolution jean grey
By: PaulRenaud


By: nicotikibird

Phoneix Version 2 Dark Phoenix

dark phoenix
By: GreeneLantern

Dark Phoenix

dark phoenix
By: bluzero8

Jean Grey Stands Alone

jean grey stands alone
By: windriderx23

Phoenix Jean Grey

phoenix jean grey
By: strayedclimaca

Phoenix Fire

phoenix fire
By: Anathematixs

Jean Grey Genosha Aftermath

jean grey aftermath
By: windriderx23


By: Candra

Jean Grey Emma Frost

jean grey emma frost
By: Ivan-NES



Jean Grey is Phoenix

jean grey phoenix
By: trktrx

Jean Grey

jean grey
By: sdowner

Dark phoenix

dark phoenix
By: SpaceWeaver

Girls of Summer

girls of summer
By: Matelandia

Phoenix Rising

phoenix rising
By: J-Estacado

The White Phoenix

White phoenix
By: rehsurc

Phoenix Explosion

phoenix explosion
By: ReddEra

Dark Phoenix

dark phoenix
By: Kotobukiya

Women of X-Men Jean Grey

x-Men jean grey
By: ace-ix

Dark Phoenix Angry

dark phoenix angry
By: Candra

Marvel Girls

marvel girls
By: WitchySaint

Phoenix is Scorching

phoenix scorching
By: Inkblotzart

The Phoenix is coming

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“It’s Coming.” As the graphic says, something major is coming back to the Marvel universe and if you look real close behind the words, I bet you can tell what it is. The Phoenix Force has long since been one of the major powers in the Marvel Universe ever since it’s introduction through Jean Grey? in X-Men ages ago. Yet with Jean’s death (and rebirth, and death, and rebirth, and finally death again) the Phoenix seemed to have gone away for the most part. But with this new teaser, it seems that it’s going to return.

The big question: does that mean Jean Grey will be returning or will the Phoenix be taking on another host? There have already been teasers that Hope, the so-called mutant messiah, has a piece of something in her that looks vaguely Phoenix-like — enough to scare the hell out of Emma Frost?! And she should be scared, because if it’s Jean come back… well, we know that Cyclops always preferred his foxy red-headed and Hope’s not Emma’s biggest fan.

Marvel didn’t add any insight to the teaser at the show, but it does look like Jason Aaron, Brian Michael Bendis, Ed Brubaker, Olivier Coipel, Matt Fraction, Jonathan Hickman, Adam Kubert and John Romita Jr. are all involved.

While the publisher has yet to release the teaser image shown to fans at the convention, Marvel did send out the above “It’s coming…” postcard to comics stores and media outlets earlier this month. It’s unknown whether the Phoenix will once again take the form of X-Woman Jean Grey or another character, but the panel confirmed that the story will begin in Point One. A 64-page one-shot designed to set the stage for Marvel’s various 2012 events, Point One goes on sale November 11 and is written by Jeph Loeb, Brian Michael Bendis, Matt Fraction, Ed Brubaker, Fred Van Lente, Chris Yost and David Lapham, among others, and drawn by Ed McGuinness, Bryan Hitch, Terry Dodson, Salvador Larroca, Ryan Stegman, Javier Pulido, Roberto De La Torreand more.

Thanks to

X-men #137 Death of Phoenix Page Sells for $65,000

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A page from Uncanny X-Men‘s ‘Dark Phoenix Saga’ has sold at auction for $65,000.

John Byrne and Terry Austin‘s iconic page features the tearful farewell Jean Grey gives to Cyclops on the moon before her imminent death.

The original artwork was among the pieces in a recent sale by Heritage Auctions, reports ICv2


Jean Grey Costume at C2E2 (Cosplay)

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Wonderful Jean Grey Costume.

More photos here.

By LJinto

Marvel Bishoujo Collection 1/7 Scale Pre-Painted PVC Figure: Jean Grey

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Much like her namesake, the Phoenix, this is one red head that keeps coming back for more.  Kotobukiya is releasing Jean Grey in her Jim Lee costume as part of their Marvel Bishoujo line. Striking a sexy pose and ready for action she makes a great complement to the Psylocke and Rouge statues already out. This stunning statue can be preorder now for $49.99 at Big Bad Toy Store with a release date of August 2011.

Jean Grey is one of the most popular women in comic history. To pay tribute to her, Yamashita Shunya drew another illustration for her, after his picture of Phoenix. As an Omega class mutant, she has telepathic and telekinetic powers, the figure captures her focusing all her might in a battle.

The blue and yellow suit is a return to the origins, it molds to her super model body shape. Yamashita Shunya retains her muscular form, but softened the lines so that she seem more delicate and fit better with the Japanese bishojo style.

Standing on an exploding cloud with missiles and a jet below her feet, Phoenix activates the full force of her charm. Jean Grey lights up July

Jean Grey – X-Factor Action Figure

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I found this very interesting post from They posted a custom action figure of Jean Grey in one of her X-Factor costumes. Not one of Jean’s best costumes to be sure but still great if you are collecting her many wardrobes. As with other custom action figures, Jean as been pieced together using part from other female action figures such as Storm and the Invisible Woman. What do you think?

Here is the post:

A lot of first in this custom. My very first heroine custom project. Also, my first crack on sculpting. Though minimal sculpting, I still enjoyed it. This is also my first attempt to paint the eyes. Haven’t still get the hang of it. Still needs a lot of practice.

Base Figure: ML Storm
Mask: Sculpted
Hair: Cut from X-23?s Hair
Legs & Feet: FF Boxset Invisible Woman
Thanks for the glimpse of Jean Grey in her green X-factor costume.

Jean Grey – In the Top 5 of Comic Book Heroines

March 14, 2011 · Filed Under Jean in the News · 3 Comments has published a Top 20 Comic Book Heroines We Love list and included Marvel’s favorite red head at #5. While the ranking is a little low in our opinion we can appreciate the other gals on the list. Wonder Woman was ranked #1, in case you were interested.


Marvel Girl #1

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Jean Grey’s absence from the Marvel Universe is keenly felt by virtually all X-Men fans, so this one shot (out of continuity though it may be) offers some measure of respite for those of us who want to see more stories featuring the character, as she receives headline billing for the first time in years.

Set in the “First Class”-verse, the story chiefly deals with Jean’s attempt to properly come to terms with the death of her friend, the event that prematurely awakened her powers so many years before. It’s just a shame the issue itself doesn’t fully explain that aspect of the story, reducing the explanation to an early caption box where it should really have been made into a wider point during Xavier’s initial dressing down.

Still, if you can get past that, it’s an enjoyable little story, though with an oddly bleak tangent about the way Jean sees the people she left behind when she moved to Xavier’s. It’s particularly refreshing to see a Jean Grey story that doesn’t heavily involve her romantic relationships with Cyclops and/or Wolverine, and which isn’t explicitly about the Phoenix. Aside from the fact that the First Class universe shows Jean’s powers (and, for that matter, her personality) as far more developed than they were in the original X-Men run, there’s nothing here that couldn’t be considered canon if you want it to be. It’s recognizably the modern Jean Grey as she would have been as a teenager, rather than the teenage Jean Grey, if that distinction makes any sense.

While writer Joshua Hale Fialkov does a decent enough job with the writing (although the story does struggle to fit inside a single issue, resulting in some odd plot leaps on occasion) it’s Nuno Plati’s art that really sells it. Plati’s artwork is graceful and feminine without being overtly sexualised. The storytelling switches effortlessly from the dramatic to the subtle, every facial expression packed with emotion. Plati’s choice of palette, in particular, is fantastic: bright and airy, making fantastic use of computer effects. It has an almost animated look to it, which is certainly no bad thing.

Although this kind of story is never going to win an Eisner, it’s the sort of book that’ll scratch any itches you’ve got about seeing Jean Grey in action. It’s a competently executed and enjoyable read, and while it works as a stand-alone story, it also manages to inform the character in her other appearances. It’s likely that if you were ever interested in buying this, you already own it. If you’re still on the fence, give it a chance to entertain you.


Get the book from Marvel.

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